Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy and Care Objectives

The body does have the ability to heal, repair and maintain itself.  This ability is called “innate”.  This is an inherent design we are naturally born with. 

What does Innate Healing mean?

Innate: (adjective) Inborn / natural. Healing: (noun) The process of becoming sound or healthy again / (adjective) tending to heal / therapeutic.

Innate healing is the process of tapping into your body’s natural balancing mechanisms for optimal health and well-being in all areas of your life.

You are feeling sick and your stomach hurts.  “Oh no. I’m getting sick again. I’ve had enough with these issues with my stomach.”

Then you pick up the phone and make a call to your doctor, explaining that you are not feeling well and that you need help. You are fortunate enough to be able to set up a quick appointment with your doctor and you go in to see him right away.  After the doctor’s appointment, you start feeling better. Your doctor gave you a bunch of pills to cure your stomach pain and you begin to feel relieved and satisfied.

Unfortunately, the next week this same stomach issue returns, and you are back to the doctor – with another prescription for medicine for your pains. When this happens, you start to feel like you are living in a real-life version of Groundhog Day — just like Bill Murray

But this is happening in real life, not in a movie.

 Focus on a wrong part of the problem

I help people reclaim their life through chiropractic. I use my experience and passion for learning to provide the most up to date methods to successfully help our patients recover. I use my patient successes as a source of inspiration, I have learned ways to develop chiropractic programs that use natural methods to help people reclaim their lives.

I don’t try to treat only the diagnosed problems. I don’t only focus on the symptoms. I start by evaluating and uncovering the root cause. Because I know – and evidence shows – that the greatest health transformations are triggered when you address the root cause, not the symptoms and signs.

Rather than treating problems or symptoms, I treat people. I realize the people that come to us for help, all have a unique set of circumstances. They have tried many other things, but no one has really discovered the cause of their problems. It is now time to take another approach. What I see every day is that each person requires a special chiropractic plan of care that is customized especially for them.


Preserve your Future Mobility and Lifestyle

This is what we believe and have seen in many patients over many years.  A healthy body requires several key components to maintain that health:

  1. A healthy and Balanced Nervous system
  2. Structural balance and functional mobility.
  3. Optimal nutrients (tools) that it needs to heal and repair and keep all systems running optimally.
  4. Identify and reduce exposures to toxic elements, environmental chemicals, heavy metals and other stressors that can interfere with repair and cause nutrient depletion.

 In crisis, injury or prolonged neglect, medical care and drugs might be necessary but this is rare and should only be temporary if a person chooses to get healthy.  Healthy people need no drugs.  Testing is key to finding out the true condition of the body.  Most diseases and conditions will show up in the blood, hair and urine long before symptoms occur.  In fact, often symptoms might not be evident till end stage conditions have developed.  You can be relatively symptom free and have only 20% liver, kidney and pancreatic function left.  We have all had friends that thought they were healthy only to die suddenly or quickly after a serious disease or condition was found that had unknowingly progressed to a critical phase.  All of these conditions and diseases would have been found with proper testing. 

Everyone should get properly tested at least once year because the earlier you find a problem, the easier it is to fix and better the results you will have.

Practice Preventative and Maintenance Care.

We encourage you to get tested by us to identify those weaknesses in your body so you have a science based game plan to get yourself healthier. Then, plan to get tested periodically, at least once per year to prevent problems that could be creeping up on you.  THIS IS real preventative healthcare.

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