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I am the Doctor that helps people reverse their disease while reducing & even eliminating their medications.

People Say

Since I went on the strict program directed by Dr. Marquart my blood counts have improved immensely and I have lost 17 lbs.  My stomach pains are not near as intense as they used to be.  Each and every day I feel as though I am getting better.  Before the program and diet I was also taking Portonix, twice a day.  Since I started the program I have only taken it twice.


When I first came in to see the Doctor, I wasn’t sleeping, was always sick, and was experiencing a wide variety of other medical conditions. I didn’t want to have to take insulin shots every day for the rest of my life, and was in denial about having diabetes at all. After seeing The Doctor, I am a new woman physically, mentally, and emotionally! I have seen this program work for me, and would highly recommend it to anyone ready for a change in their life.


Before I came to see the Doctor, I had a lack of compassion for traditional medicine and doctors.  I came close to amputation, suffered from infections, extreme lethargy, and had bad reactions to bad drugs.  I was consistently told my diabetes was uncontrollable and I would have to live my life on medication.  As a result of seeing The Doctor, I have lost 16 pounds, my blood sugars have gone from 275 to right around 100, and I have an entirely new outlook on life.  I am now feeling hopeful for everyday, and it was all well worth the effort.  I truly have a new lease on life.

Ed J

Prior to seeing The Doctor, I was frustrated with my Type II Diabetes.  I was overweight, tired all of the time, very irritable, and generally just not feeling well.  All that my doctors would tell me was that I was going to be on insulin for the rest of my life.  Since coming to see The Doctor, I have lost 50 pounds, have amazing new energy, and can now control my diet and weight.  I am no longer taking insulin, and am feeling great!  My health is excellent.  I feel trim and am no longer bloated, my skin color looks much better, and I am not hungry all of the time anymore.  I experienced my results quickly and with the guidance of The Doctor now have control over my life and my diabetes.

Larry G

I saw an ad in the paper about how I could be free of pain and Type II Diabetes, so I answered the ad and The Doctor’s staff allowed me to come in for an evaluation.  In September, they took me in as a patient and I was thrilled as I felt I couldn’t go on any more with the way I was feeling.  I had many nights where I would get only 3 or 4 hours of sleep if I was lucky.  In the first month of seeing The Doctor, my blood sugars went from 244 to 128 and I am feeling much better.  The last 3 nights I have slept all the way through the night and I haven’t done that in years.  Also, I have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks with The Doctor’s program, and he says we are just getting started!  This to me is a miracle after 15 years of suffering, I am so glad I answered the ad and grateful to The Doctor for taking me as a patient and helping me.

Shirley A. T

A program that works!!!   I was able to lose weight without dieting, I am no longer diabetic and eliminated the need for blood pressure medication.  I lost 70 pounds in six months and saw my blood sugar level return to normal.  I would recommend this program to all.

Gary K

After coming to Dr. Marquart I feel my entire life has changed and I have finally taken control over my health!  I participated in his program which included a detox which cleansed my liver and gastrointestinal tract.  While on the program I changed my caffeinated and poor diet to a health promoting diet by eating the right fruits and vegetables and more water.  Within the first week I saw amazing results and have no pain.  My blood values have improved tremendously.  I am so thankful and appreciative to the FWC staff!


Previous to starting my program, I was experiencing high blood sugars as well as weight gain that I couldn’t seem to lose. I was on insulin and it was not lowering my glucose levels, so my doctor just kept increasing my dosages and medications. Since coming to see Doctor M., I have lost 35 pounds, and have kept it off. I am no longer taking insulin shots and I feel great! I am completely in control of my diabetes now and know what I can do to help myself!


Every time I saw the doctor, a new prescription was given.  No matter how well I ate, I continued to gain weight and never felt better.  I had constant constipation, urinary issues, fatigue, inflammation of body and joints, infections, and my emotions were out of control.  I was told once I started medications that I would never get off them.  Since coming in to see Dr Marquart, it has been a complete turn around.  I feel like myself again.  I have taken control of my body and mind.  My attitude about life has greatly improved.  The treatment program was based completely on me and my individual needs, and the sense of accomplishment I have now is the best feeling in the world!

Alisia W

I have been a diabetic for over 20 years.  My doctor had me on at least 8 pills a day and was ready to put me on insulin.  I did not want to do that and luckily found The Doctor’s article in the paper.  After 6 months I am now down to 2 pills a day and feel great!  I was bordering on obesity and have lost 40 pounds.  All the aches and pains that I thought was arthritis are gone.  Everyone in the office has been outstanding.  They always have a smile on their face and are so helpful and caring.

Larry G

When I first came in to see The Doctor my blood sugars were in the 200- 300 range, and I was really scared and tired and just wanted help.  The Doctor brought my blood sugar down in 5 days to 100 and they have stayed between 90 and 103.  I was very impressed with that, as well as have lost 40 pounds!  I’m very happy, and I recommend this treatment program to everyone because of all the amazing work that they do!

Tonya P

Being a diabetic for 10 years, my regular doctors kept adding med after med.  When I started this program Dr Marquart gave great personal attention and care in helping fix my condition.  I have lost 55 lbs. my A1C started at 9.1 after 8 months it is now 5.7.  Fasting glucose was at 133 and now it is at 85.  My regular MD has cut my blood pressure meds in half and will start reducing my other prescriptions in the near future.

Chris H.

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