Using Current Research to Reverse Your Disease

I help people reverse their diseases while reducing and even eliminating their medications.

How I Went from Frustrated, to Enjoying the Best Years of My Life….…And You Can Too!…………………  I Wanted to Do More.

In the last 30 years, I have watched the public take more and more medications and still continue to suffer from their DISEASES.…………. LIKE YOU I became more and more frustrated with this approach.

That frustration helped me realize that there must be a much better way to solve our health issues.  Seeing the suffering experienced by my own relatives, parents, patients and others instilled in me a passion to learn more and share that information with my family and patients.  I can now help them not only recover, but be able to enjoy their life again.

Hi. I’m Dr. Duane Marquart.  I’m a husband, a father to 4 children, a grandpa to 3 girls (ages 6, 3 and 1) a doctor and a teacher.  I am board trained and certified in several areas with 30+ years of experience.  I have a Master’s degree in my pre-professional education, I finished my Doctor degree in 1983, my residency in1985 and fellowship in 1986.  I am Board certified and have been in practice over 30 years.  While in practice I also taught at the professional level for 20 years.  I still teach post-graduate courses for other doctors.  My practice has focused on complex and chronic health conditions for 30 years.  We help people of all ages.  Patients travel from around the region for us to help.  They come from St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, St. Louis City and the greater St. Louis region from both Missouri and Illinois.

I decided to apply my doctor training to those patients with complex cases that could not find help elsewhere.

I help people discover the reasons why they have no energy, can’t sleep, gain weight, poor memory, aches and pains, not able to control their blood sugar levels, heart disease, cholesterol, fertility, fatigue, digestive issues and numerous other conditions. I help people sort through the maze of testing and determine why everything they try is not getting them anywhere.

I help people reclaim their life. I use my experience and passion for learning to provide the most up to date methods to successfully help our patients recover. I use my patient successes as a source of inspiration, I have learned ways to develop programs that use natural methods to help people reclaim their lives. Whether you struggle with the weight gain, lack of energy, diabetes auto-immune diseases, feel irritable, sexual dysfunction or just take too many medications, there is hope for you.

I’m a doctor, but I don’t try to treat only the diagnosed problems. I don’t even focus on the symptoms. I start by evaluating and uncovering the root cause. Because I know – and evidence shows – that the greatest health transformations are triggered when you address the root cause, not the signs.

Rather than treating problems or symptoms, I treat people. I realize the people that come to us for help, all have a completely unique set of circumstances. They have tried many other things, but no one has really discovered the cause of their problems. It is now time to take another approach. What I see every day is that each person requires a special plan of care that is customized especially for them.

Sometimes I prescribe supplements that fill nutritional gaps that you might have. Sometimes I prescribe testing to let us better understand your unique physiology. Sometimes I prescribe botanical therapies that are safer, more effective than prescriptions and with a very low risk profile. We may do food testing, allergy testing, stool samples. The point is, no two people are the same. We help you learn what you have to do individually, to become healthy and vibrant again.

With every patient I see, I consider your unique context, physiology and preferences….…and then develop a treatment plan to promote maximum health and happiness. It’s not one method fits all. It is not a cookie cutter approach. It’s a mission.

My mission in life is to help patients gain energy, save their life, extend their lives and improve the quality of their life. That means I want you to:

  • Enjoy plenty of healthy food.
  • Get more energy.
  • Maintain your healthy weight.
  • Be active with your family
  • Not to be dependent on others.
  • Enjoy your hobbies.
  • Spend quality time with spouse.
  • Do things that amplify happiness.


Are you having trouble with lack of energy, not able to lose weight, the medications are not working, having to take more and more medications, frustrated that nothing you try seems to make you better? Are you frustrated (or scared) where your health is headed?

We now understand, NO TWO PEOPLE HAVE THEIR DISEASE FOR THE SAME REASONS.  Everyone needs an accurate understanding of their problem and a customized plan to follow to address their unique causes of their condition.


We approach each person differently. We get to the root cause of their condition. Patients realize they are not sick because of medication deficiencies. We help them heal and recover. We teach each patient how to understand the cause of their illness and then take action to fix the cause. Our patients are taking steps to help themselves become healthy again. When we do this together, patients recover. They get more energy, lose weight without exercise, find the need to decrease their medications and realize they do not have to take medications for the rest of their life.


You do not have a medication deficiency. But you have been trained to take medicine. What has really happened is that your physiology has changed. Do not let anyone tell you that you feel this way because of your age. Do not give up hope.

If you are really sincere about reversing your disease, contact me or my staff to set up a consultation. If I can help, I’ll let you know. We can’t help everyone. If that is what I find, I’ll tell you that also. I decided to apply my doctor training to those patients with complex cases that could not find help elsewhere. I would be honored to see if I can help you.

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